A very unique perspective

I know it sounds a little philosophical, perhaps its just me getting older. As a photographer and artist, I often wonder how many moments I have lost simply by looking through the viewfinder. When I am with my family I notice that I put my camera down more often than I pick it up. The main reason is that at one point I felt I was missing out.

Everyone tells you the moment you have kids, oh it goes so fast. You think they are talking about your kids but really its about you too. Before you know it 10 years goes by, Then 25, Then 40. When you look back what do you remember? Was it what you saw through the lens of a viewfinder or were you really there?

Being in the moment and knowing those moments are being captured are so important. I think about this so much. Knowing my way around a camera, its sometimes hard to let go. I've learned that having someone there is important. I say this because we all have our iPhones, they take such amazing photos. What is the real cost? Are we observing the times with our family when we should really just be there? This also transcends into the environmental work that I do. Filming a beautiful landscape is very different than experiencing that landscape. It is equally creative to know when not to create than when to create. Some of my best ideas have come from those moments of boredom! On Maui, I'm constantly reminded of the natural beauty that exists. If I'm not careful, I just might miss it.

“There is no Superman of The Ocean, but there is a Justice League and each of us can stand up to do our part.”