Jeremy McKane's work usually comes in a limited edition gallery. This means that in some cases each work will be printed at a max of 25 times. The first releases are always offered to previous collectors first. Then after, it is offered to the general public.

To become a collector, you just need to have one of Jeremy McKane's works and you will be registered to preview works before they go public.

Have a look at the work currently available for purchase. Keep in mind, some of what you see is seasonal.

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An evolving landscape

Our Ocean is under tremendous threat. In just the last 10 years Bluefin Tuna Populations have dropped 97% due to overfishing. There is a tragedy of the commons. The Ocean is the common heritage of humankind. Jeremy McKane, travels the planet in search for the greatest issues The Ocean is facing but also looks for the silver lining that provides the hope that we can make a difference. Jeremy's work funds his travel's for this important mission. When you buy one, you are listed as a collector and will be notified first of any new works before they go to the public. These works serve as beautiful reminders that we should protect the life support system we have here on Earth that we call Our Ocean.