Hi, I am Jeremy McKane

I used to say I was a photographer but these days I prefer Artist / Storyteller. What I have learned from others in my travels has given me reason to pause and take a step back. I suppose one could argue that all photographers are storytellers. We stop time and focus on one frame. Sometimes life moves so fast that we need to slow down once in a while. Or so that's what Ferris Bueller tells us.

My passion is the oceans and I feel that we don't give them the focus that they need. I thought about this years ago when I first walked up on one of the most polluted beaches I had ever seen. The sad part about it was that there was not any people for hundreds of kilometers yet the evidence of mankind was everywhere.

Some of my work its pretty evident that I'm focusing on marine life but you might wonder what place people or kids have to do with conservation. My hope is that we introduce kids and adults not just to the ocean but water. Teach them how to swim, how to snorkel or even dive! Once you step into blue, you are forever changed.

Every second breath of air we take in right now comes from the ocean. Why don't we do ourselves a favor and start making efforts to protect what little we have left. Because it's definitely worth it!

The Ocean Summit

A summit of action to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030

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