"One of the facts you have to face when shooting in The Ocean is that there is pollution. While sometimes I would try and just ignore it, I'd pretend it didn't exist until I couldn't." - Jeremy McKane


Coming back just like the trash in the ocean is a new series based on the 2016 work of Jeremy Mckane and ashley baxter

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FOUND: a series by Jeremy McKane and Ashley Baxter

Jeremy and Ashley have worked alongside together for years. Finding plastic in The Ocean is a common occurrence. Instead of putting it into a landfill Ashley suggested that research be done on where they came from and Jeremy thought maybe he could research on how long it has been at sea. This initial work was done on America's most polluted beach: Kamilo Beach on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Our hope is that you can use these pieces as conversation starters wherever they find a new home. The more we realize that our passive actions are actively ruining the planet, maybe we will work harder to make this a nicer place.