Little Humans

Learning to love and survive

It's important that when your child enters the water, they know how to keep themselves safe. It's often been said that we cannot love what we do not understand. As an Artist I enjoy introducing elements of swimming and diving to folks yet to experience. I find that it brings us closer as humans and gives us a better understanding on why we need to protect what we have left.

Little Underwater Humans

Capture your mini-me learning valuable skills for life!

Little Underwater Humans

Capture your mini-me learning valuable skills for life!

This side of my work is not of my design. A couple years ago Kona Morren from Flip Kick Swim found me on Facebook and asked if I would come to shoot her kids. Since that time, I've taken thousands of images with little humans learning to connect with the water. It was through this process I realized that it is equally important to get people to love The Ocean. It all starts from there.

Pricing & Packages

The Coccolithophore

Starting off small is better than not starting at all. This session booking fee is $150 each photo is $30 per download.


The Hammerhead

You obviously know the importance of documentation. When McKane has a session announced the flat rate fee is $300 and you get all the images produced in that session! You have the rights to reproduce!


The Humpback Whale

You have decided that you do not want to wait! You realize that your mini-me won't always be mini and time is of the essence. Jeremy will fly out to your location (plus expenses) and shoot for a whole day. This includes a video production element.


Photoshoot Access

It happens, we lose things and we need a backup. If you would like to download images again you have access to do so here. If you would like access to files you have already downloaded, look at the ABOUT section and support Jeremy on Patreon. This will help Jeremy and keep this repository alive!