Winslow Series

An NFT Photography series to focus on up-cycled Fashion

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bitMangrove Series

Mangroves are one of the largest sources of carbon drawdown. They are also a nursery for fisheries allowing our populations to really flourish. Mangroves are also an important tool in the fight against storm surge. Working with the ULTRAMARINE network. We are supporting the team responsible for restoring coastlines in the BVI. Our plan is to prove this works in the BVI and take it to the rest of the world. This is only the beginning.



NFTs to remove chemical weapons from the ocean


 BT, is an American musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, Grammy nominated composer and audio engineer. An artist in the electronica music genre, he is credited as a pioneer of the trance and intelligent dance music styles that paved the way for EDM,[1] and for "stretching electronic music to its technical breaking point.

Jeremy McKane

Jeremy is an International Artist, active Explorers Club member and an Ocean Advocate. Jeremy is also an Ocean Superhero Character in Paula Rosales' Ocean Defenders. He is also the co-founder of ULTRAMARINE Ocean Action summit on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island with a mission to protect 30% of The Ocean by 2030.

NFT Series

An art series that resides on the blockchain with a mission to remove harm to our ocean.

NFT stands for NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN. It basically means that this concept is a token that cannot be divided. Many things in life need to be one. An original.

Using NFT technology on the blockchain, we are able to create scarce digital objects. They are sold on a number of platforms. Jeremy McKane is currently on the premier marketplaces: MakersPlace and Foundation. You can also find some of his early exploratory works on Rarible and Opensea but not for long. These early works will be phased out soon as they were studies that led to these bigger projects you now see here.

In the very near future we will see AR/XR technology that allows us to experience the world in very new augmented ways. That new world needs digital art and we are leading the way.


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