Underwater Fashion and Portraits

A Juxtaposition of the Human and Marine world

Sometimes we look at the marine world and we somehow thing of it as alien, not part of us. The Ocean is the life support system on the planet and when we realize that we cannot live without her, it is important to create work that unites the public mind on how intrinsically connected we are.

The harmonious balance between man and animal is as delicate as the balance between life and death. When we look to the oceans we rarely get to see what is beneath the surface. In many cases the ocean brings us wonder and excitement. Sadly, our passive actions are currently actively ruining our planet.

"One of my greatest experiences is placing humans in the ocean, something much bigger than them. In the end I find they work for those in the ocean." - Jeremy McKane

Pricing & Packages

The Tadpole

Modeling is probably not your thing but you definitely want to get your feet wet! Jeremy McKane will pair you up with Fashion Designer Abi Ferrin before the shoot.
$150 Session fee and $25 per image


The Tiger Shark

You know a deal when you see it. With this package, you get a booking for double the time as the tadpole. Still working with Abi Ferrin and Jeremy McKane. $500 Session fee and download all photos from session at no additional cost!


The Humpback Whale

Better than waiting for a shoot is to just book one all to yourself! This is a full underwater work session at 6 hours. Jeremy McKane will fly to your location (plus expenses). All Digital Downloads in this session included in cost.


Dive right in!

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